attack on your hearts (⊙ᴗ⊙)

and my own heart most of all probably so don’t hurt me pls

I rewatched snk recently and the death of Levi’s squad just becomes more painful every time I watch it so I needed to do this part asap ;;v;;

Part of my reincarnation AU, all of it is tagged as such on my tumblr~
(The baby is Petra’s and Auruo’s in case you missed the previous parts <3)

"Yeah, sorry. I thought you hated boys so… No. I still meant to go to Sankaku Park that day… But right after summer vacations began, we had trouble at home. Things got complicated.I’m sorry I couldn’t make it that day.”


The summer festival…That day at Sankaku Park… Did you wait for me?
I did wait for you…..I waited for so long.

Baby, tonight will be long, but I know I’ll see you again soon.

no one looks up to haru more than rei.


Yamazaki Sousuke 8D


Yamazaki Sousuke 8D

Haru: Rei... You've really worked hard, haven't you?
Rei: Yes!

(summary) Aoharadio ep. 1



Aoharadio ep. 1: in which Uchida (Futaba) and Kaji (Kou) talk about their characters as well as rate love scenarios sent in by fans. Oh, and they talk about the wall slam (kabe-don) for a good 10 minutes, coincidentally. Also, from now on forth they will be known as Maaya-don and Kaji-don. Add those nicknames into your index, voice actor fans.

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